Saudi Pak Tower

Saudi Pak owns a twenty storey High Rise Building in Islamabad known as Saudi Pak Tower.
The building, constructed in the year 1991, is known as a landmark of Islamabad. The tower is fully occupied
with tenants including several national and multinational companies, financial institutions, telecommunica-
tion companies, hospital service oriented concerns etc. Building achieved 100 percent occupancy level in 2016
translating into revenue of Rs. 290.359 million as compared to Rs. 254.253 million 2015 i.e. an increase of 14.20
percent. Building Management is consistently striving to bring further improvements in overall services for
comfortable and safe working environment. Additionally, different building services/ areas were further
evaluated by the following reputed consultant firms/ experts:

Detailed evaluation of building structural stability from NESPAK for assuring safe occupancy.
Detailed audit and inspection of Elevators from SGS Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.
Survey for Security Threat and Risk Assessment within and around the perimeters of Saudi Pak Tower.
Emergency evacuation drill, survey of fire fighting equipments conducted with CDA relevant teams.

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